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Today I had a most wonderful time meeting a long time friend priest, brilliant and witty like he alone can be. In the conversation he said the most interesting comment: “….they have abandoned the theology of the wall”.

Wild, what a term!!!! He was speaking about the new churches, the barns, the gyms, the storage places, gathering spaces, lots of things but NOT CHURCHES any more.

He’s right, my parish is a “gym” so I have not gone there in years. I go to a church where I know I have been to heaven, heaven has come down and I saw it all happen. “Theology has become the field of egocentrism,” he said.. The Church of God, Our Creator, is a simple Church; it is not complicated. It is deep, without a bottom deep. But in its simplicity and logic, there is no room for making a mark trending into egocentrism to be distinguished and admired for new discoveries.

But all it is, it’s the flowering of egocentrism on the fields of error.

There is a simple truth of what the Church is, and how it is represented. Since the 4th Century the pattern has been set, and though there are no 2 churches the same, the same pattern is used.
Make no mistake. The beauty is not coloring outside the box in this field. The beauty is exulting veneration and worship within the patterns set for our Church by our Church. He, as he customarily does, on the back of any paper, scratches a few lines with tremendous meaning. He explained how the building ought to be…..

Here is the pattern, remember it as you enter the countless facsimiles of churches this Sunday and you are no longer exposed to the traditional theology of the wall. 16 centuries of wall theology that has taught millions of illiterate and literates. The traditional stories expressed in exquisite stain glass windows that entertain as we hear the Word.

Map of Church Building

Map of Church Building

And pray for those who authorized the betrayal of tradition and theology for the sake of someone who wants to be memorialized. But the forever remembrance will be of an ego, that in wanting to make his own mark in history, showed his ignorance of theology, tradition and obedience.
Pray for those poor souls.


St_-Mary-of-the-Angels, Chicago. Ill

among the most beautiful churches in the world




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