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How beautiful you are, my darling,

How beautiful you are!

Your eyes are like doves behind your veil;

                                             Songs 4:1


What a captivating statement. “Your eyes are like doves….” Those are the Words of God to His lover.

That is how God thinks of His beloved. With eyes like doves.

That is so romantic, it sounds like dreaming floating slow-mo white doves a top church steeples. Bells ringing beautiful melodies that raise the hair on end at the overwhelming sounds that awaken the spirit.


But … eyes like a dove’s….. hmmm, think about it.


Somehow, getting into the details has killed the glamour and romance for me. Has it for you?


But, imagine what it means. It’s flabbergasting to grasp God’s meaning of what it means to say that my lover has eyes of a dove, or eyes like doves.


The thing is that doves have laser like vision. No, not like laser surgery for vision correction. When the dove wants to see a little grain of rice, the dove looks at the grain of rice and see nothing else, but that grain of rice, no area around, no enemies above, only the focus of it’s attention. When the dove wants to see you, the dove sees nothing but you, no surroundings, not your chest, not your shoulders, but your eyes, you alone.

So when God sees me, He sees only me, and there is nothing else in His mind but me.

How more in love can God be with me? How many other ways can He show me how He loves me?

My lover’s eyes are like dove’s. And He sees only  me.

How mesmerizing, how distracting, how lovely.

In the morning He sees me. And only me.

What a way to start my day.

To see my lover’s dove eyes.








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