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  Jesus' arms By a most unusual of circumstances, which is usual in my life, I ended up living in the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge Ma. I ended up there to translate the Divine Mercy material into Spanish, which I had already started while living in Mexico. I lived in Mexico from the first day of my homelessness. That’s another story altogether. As I was furiously translating the first book, one of the Marian Fathers came in holding a photo, of what seemed to be a painting I had done of St John Vianney. I really don’t know 1456027_669906379707228_1685016450_nhow father ended up with that photo. No one there knew my past career as a professional artist. Without letting me see that photo, he showed me a large page illustration of a mural from Portugal of stunning power, even as it was in a black and white very old piece of paper. Father asked me if I could paint that picture. Completely flabbergasted of how could he possibly have known that I could paint, I blurted out : “yes father, I can do that”. Thus I was fired as a translator and rehired as a painter. (Another adventure connected to this circumstance, I narrated in “Call me Dimwitt”) So Father and I went to the art store and stood there patiently as I pick up things for the painting. Little did he know that I, though a professional artist, had never been trained as an artist and had very little knowledge about the materials there in front of me. I acted like I knew what I was doing, and brought back a big bag of materials to begin painting. The same feeling I had experienced, while flying to Mexico in my private jet of zeal, soared again through me as this painting was appearing before my very eyes on the canvas. And like all the people that came to visit to see the progress, I too, stood in line with them to see this incredible work of art, ever so orderly, come to pass in my little room. I successfully changed the face of Jesus, from the mural print I was copying, to the face that St Faustina had commissioned at first, the Vinius picture, (prior to restoration, which I did not do) I loved that face more than any other face I have ever seen, I put it on Jesus on this canvas and uncovered the flying shroud off His Head on the print, and added the Divine Mercy rays. I thought I that point I thought I was finished. Father came in and without saying much said I should put some people about Him to show what is happening. That was very hard for me to do. I was clueless of how to paint people free hand, so I began to scour the Abby’s library with images to copy. One by one, working from left to right, each person took a place at the feet of Jesus resurrected. When I put my brush down, thinking I was done now, instantly it appeared in my head …… the most profound and interesting meaning to those arbitrarily picked people from where ever I found a suitable model among many books and magazines…… so I thought. But is was “The Story of a Child of the Church”, a story of a soul, a story that God had planned for us from the beginning. ImageUpon Baptism we become sons and daughters of the Father, we are now empowered by the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love, and look, only LOVE touches the heart of God. As the grown soul , it’s connected slightly with the Heart of God but the soul is so distracted,Image God and the world are both good and attractive, engaging. One dayImage, the soul becomes aware of the call of God, but it’s too set on it’s own ways, God makes too hard of a demand, give up all? Really …..  GIVE IT ALL UP?            

So the soul prays to the God within, the god that really listens, the god who understands, the god who really understands me….. he knows me……I pray to the god inside, he and I get along fine....

my lord and my GodBut Jesus’ relentless call continues and once the soul really hears God’s call, once the soul sees God for what He is, it is then, we recognize who we are, and we beg, with desperation beg for righteousness, to draw an accepting smile from God’s Face.  GIVE ME! before I despear So God does, He so eagerly wishes to endow the soul with His Vision for it, the soul becomes what St Paul says: “It’s no longer me but Christ who is in me….” And at that point, the soul once again touches the Heart of God. Divine Mercy Shrine RJ Blessed be God Almighty, in His Angels and in His Souls.

 Divine Love by Yolanda Bello copyrighted by the Marians of DM

Who are they in back you ask?? well, them are the charismatics….. with their arms up…….


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Hebrews 4: 12-13


4:12      Indeed, the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.

13          No creature is concealed from him, but everything is naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must render an account.

Image     I was born a Sagittarian. I was next to the last one to be born in my family in Dec. My aunt and 2 cousins and I shared being Sagittarians. There are no other clusters of birthdays, just us 4.

     My aunt would capitalize on our Sagittarian traits with great frequency. It was very natural to me to be one, I had 10 fingers and I was Sagittarian. Somehow, I wore that pride my aunt exuded myself, flaunting my traits as badges of superiority over the rest of the zodiac.

     It was 37 years later that I learned that, us Catholics, don’t do zodiac signs. Too late, I walk, breathed, and talked Sagittarianisms. I really was a Sagittarian!! All about me fit the description of a Sagittarian. 

     It was very hard to detach from my beloved description of self. I don’t know how long actually, did I work on it, but today I noticed that I am a  daughter of The Church and to be Sagittarian had become a foreign concept to me.


                                                                                             Blessed be God!!


     That thought occurred to me today as I read how the Word of God cuts between the soul and the spirit…..

     I thought long and hard about the difference between the soul and the spirit, as there is a separation that only God penetrates.

     I went to the basics, the soul, what is it? Webster says it’s “the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever”

     The soul gives life to the body. The CCC says of the spirit: ” a supernatural being or essence”  

     But I´m inclined to believe that the battle that St Paul refers to in Romans 7:15 ¨ I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.¨ is the very dilemma that answers the difference between the soul and the spirit.

     The soul has the power of intellect, emotions, memories and imagination. Then it is the soul that thinks.  It is the soul that acts and decides. It is the soul that creates and imagines. It is the soul sins. It is the soul where Jesus says if one wants to pray to the Father, to go into his room, where no one hears what is said, close the door and pray to the Father who hears. It is the soul where the sin is impaled  to the soul and mark it with scars of sins once confessed. It is the soul that needs purgatory to be cleansed of those sin stained marks. But the spirit…. The spirit is the essence of God, His Breath, His presence in us. The spirit cannot sin.

     I long to do good, but I botch all that good. I, too, want to do good but I end up doing that what is the opposite of good. I sin. I Sagittarianize. It´s in my nature to be and do so. That sin impales my soul.

     But one day, the Word of God penetrated me so, that It drew me to Himself, subtly and nimbly. With a sharper edge that any knife, He is cutting away my Sagittarianisms to mold me into that what He intended me to be.

     Where is He taking me? What is He making of me?             …Beats me.

     But I know that I am a broken vessel that needs tremendous amount of repair, that I need confession and penance to understand how my Sagittarianisms anchor me to earth, but His Spirit draws me to soar free of anything but what He inputs into my soul as Sagittarius is whittled away.

     I see how my soul has grown closer to what the spirit is, there is less tension between the two. I understand how grace transforms my Sagittarius. How now I long more and more to be one in and with Christ, that it would be He Who were to govern my soul, once transformed into Him.


     I think I am becoming that what PJPII frequently would say: ¨Become what you are!!!!¨   


       I think I understand. Image






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