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All they have is each other and ingenuity           All they have is each other and ingenuity


In 1997 I lived in Mexico City for a few months. I went there in my private airline… On the wings of Zeal. I wore it every day as a badge of Christianity. Eager to make myself useful, I plunged into my self made ministry, but I did not really do much in that ministry that I thought I went there for.

I found myself overwhelmed by the street kids.

About 2 million of them live in the sewer system. They are throw away kids, run away kids, have-no-one-left kids. The live in the sewer because if they fall asleep on the street they get shot to death during the night. I found that it also happens in Colombia, Guatemala, Romania, Brazil, and who knows how many countries as well. It’s also warmer down there.

I tried to…

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