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At the Antiphone I felt Him speak…..

You are my strength…. said the antiphon,
but He went on, saying my prayer….

Not because your strength is mine
But because your strength is in me.
Your strength holds me up,
Your strength guides me.
Your strength strengthens me
It is Your strength that keeps me yours.
It is Your strength that lifts my foot.
It is Your strength that feeds me.
It is Your strength that breaths life in my nostrils.
It is Your strength. Only Your strength that takes me to You.
My Lord,
My Strong Lord.
My Merciful Strong Lord.
My Tender and Merciful Strong Lord.

by Yolanda Bello, writings and painting.


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While the nurse kept whispering to her that she had the right to kick her out…..

Like I have said in other posts, I am an court interpreter, but sometimes the police calls me for other things. Saturday, they called me to go to the emergency room.
When I got there, there were these 2 women and a policeman in the waiting room. Information pointed me to them.
So I introduced myself as the interpreter. Then I noticed that one was a mom and the other a young woman and both were very distraught. The policemen explained that the mom’s boyfriend had raped the girl……. (he kept speaking but my mind froze, I had never met a rape victim let alone a young woman.)
When I looked at her again, I was riveted. She was stunningly beautiful. The policeman continued to explain the circumstances and that she was perfectly bilingual, but not mom. He wanted to make sure mom understood all that was happening to her daughter.
Once again, I have to repeat what I had said before, how I ride the white waters of muck and mire that end up in court.
Once we got put into the examining room, she was pointed to the bed. Mom and I sat on 2 chairs close by. The nurse came in and began to speak very softly to the girl, stressing that she has the right to have her privacy and she could kick mom out.
To the nurse’s shock and mine, she, without hesitation expressed that she wanted mom in the examining room with her.
All the more I stared at her, besides her beguiling beauty, I was witnessing what does normalcy look like. She was an innocent, exvirginal young girl that trusted her mom, just like it used to be, the way God aimed it to be, like we read about in books of the like of “Little Women”. Her mom reached thru the railings and held her daughter’s hand, tears still profusely pouring out of her eyes and heart.
I could not get caught up in the emotionalism, as I frequently have. This time I was watching a most surreal, out of current time scene. Mom loving her daughter, daughter holding mom’s hand in absolute trust.
It was mom’s boyfriend that raped her. He had driven mom to a wedding and he excused himself, he returned to their house where this picture perfect beauty was watching her 4 siblings and her aunt’s baby.
She explained how he came in, while they were all in bed, picked up the baby from the bed and put him in the crib, and right there, next to where his very own little daughter of 5, who laid there sleeping, proceeded to rape this beauty.
I gazed at her, a very Aztec looking features, a perfect mix of the look of a little girl yet glimpses of a woman.
If watching all that was not enough, I began to realize that the girl’s calmness came, while mom sniffed and sniffed, from holding mom’s hand. Total and complete trust. I wanted to remember all of it. I don’t know where in this country would there be another 14 yr old who trusted her mom and found in her all that she needed to get thru this terrible, life changing ordeal. I thought again of an example of such trust between a parent and child, like when crossing a busy, busy street, a 5 yr old could not care less about the dangerous traffic, nor the noise, nor their speed and what could happen to him…..all he knows is that he can gaze unaffected at all of it while holding mom’s hand. That connection translates into watching all upheavals like a movie, because mom is in charge, nothing shall hurt me.
It sort of reminded me of …..
The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures;
he leads me beside still waters;
3 he restores my soul.
He leads me in right paths
for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk through the darkest valley,
I fear no evil;
for you are with me; Mom….
your rod and your staff—Your hand holding mine…
they comfort me. You comfort me……

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