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There are some powerful lessons during my life that have veered straight my path. Who knows where was I going but God’s providence made it so that I veered straight.

Among those lessons happened one day while I lived in Mexico City. I may have mentioned that I was there to promote the devotion to The Divine Mercy.

Providentially,  I had been able to speak at many churches and I found that the ground was incredibly fertile. People were clamoring for more information. I was stunned by the many miracles that I personally was able to witness because of these people’s faith

One time I went to speak at a church and there was not enough room inside the church for the amount of people that were coming. So they held the talk outside, under a gigantic tarp which was tied by the four corners to 4 trees, not on a square, but somewhere about. There was a large picture of The Divine Mercy Jesus hanging from the wall on a long string so Jesus swung up and down, side to side with the wind. Now, that wind had become so fierce that the tarp was flapping wildly dangerously to the point of tearing. The wind was furious.

On the way to the courtyard, I stopped at the chapel and I knelt in front and I said to Jesus ” I can’t hear myself think with that noise!!!  Your picture is swinging so widely it’s going to fly off the string!!!  All this is way too distracting not only to me but to them. If you want them to hear you calm the wind!!!”.

Coming out of the chapel,  I just walked to the front where I would be speaking from, holding a typed page of what I was to say, and I could not get the first line to stick in my head. I read and read but I could not make sense of the first line. I started speaking reading off the first line and I don’t’ remember any more, either what I said or even that I had not realized, until almost a year later, that when I came out of that chapel there was no wind. I did not realize it at that time. I have no idea what I said but I spoke with passion and love and deep sentiment.  I remember by the time I was done it was dark. There was a long line of crying people waiting to see me, or hug me or tell me how they had been moved.  After all had gone, father told me that many big fish had been caught that day. He was in the confessional 11 hrs. My body was there, I assume….. but it was not me speaking, I know. I imagine I was put to sleep, aside, but His people heard something beautiful and I wish I had heard it too.

I still am in absolute awe, like watching a movie of something extraordinary. I was part of the audience; I was not a character in that movie.

That night as customary, I would take the train or bus back to my room. I walked to the train; it was about 9 or 10pm.  In the train, it was jam-packed with people, so I squished in. The people were absolutely packed in, body to body. I was still floating high at the day’s events that had been a most incredible thing to have happened!!!!

Like waking from a dream, slowly I retun to reality by the most unexpected turn of events!!!!!    

I begin to feel someone’s hand feeling me up!!!


I was stupefied, …..shocked, …..holding my laughter at this most unreal of situations I was in!!!!

 I could not move, or slap anybody!!!!  I had 5 or 6 bodies surrounding pressed against me!!!

 But who on earth would pick me? A Fat old lady! With all the beautiful girls everywhere this bimbo picked me!!!!!! I wiggled and writhed making it knows that I would not tolerated it. All the time aghast at the surreal but actual comical situation I was in!!.

So finally when I got to my stop and was able to get out of the car, moving as quickly as I could I got out. And if what happened in the train was not incredible enough, the insolent guy, a young man, got out behind me!!!!! YEAH!!!! The guy who was feeling me up… CAME OUT WITH ME AND WAS FOLLOWING ME!!!!! And followed me for the several blocks walk towards my place.

I could not believe it!!!  at my age this is happening? I was, I think 45 years old at that time.

 So on the way this young man………. …. this was so funny, so funny!!, the young man started talking to me and I just pretended not to speak Spanish I would look at him but I would not answer, I just keep shrugging my shoulders. I could not stop laughing interiorly thinking nobody but nobody, NOBODY will ever believe what was happening to me!

Given that I lived 2 blocks from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I walked right to the Shrine and this young man just kept speaking to me and following me all the way. So I walked right into the Shrine and he follows me there. I went right to the front pew, and he follows me there, and I sat down and he sat down next to me. So I looked straight up and My Mother, and told her, in no uncertain terms,  to yell at this guy for feeling me up!!!!! He had not morals, he had no education, he had no manners and ………………

And while I was interiorly yelling a Mom to yell at him, …….


                                                        he put his head down…..



So, I bolted.

And that was funnier yet…. This fat old lady bolting out of there and “running” for 2 blocks…..


To the summit satan followed me to knock me down.


Not long after that, a most interesting event….. I got a call to speak at a Dioceses, named Divine Mercy of all things. I believe it was the only Dioceses with that name in the world.

It was momentous! It was climatic, I began to prepare wildly, overwhelmed at magnitude of such request.

I really don’t remember what I said, but afterwards, different priests began to approach me a confide softly their torments, trials,  their pains.

One by one they confided in me, the tests they suffered as priests.

I listened paralyzed by their words, by their candor, but most of all, I was keenly aware that God was allowing me to see what nobody sees. I was allowed to peer in the tiny window into the private lives of priests.

I should have prayed for them. I should have said something to them, but I was frozen at the understanding of what I heard and was privy to.

My Lord and My God, how much these men suffer.

 I have come away seeing why there are some many orders of nuns, prayer groups, petitions, and prayers dedicated to pray for priests. They are in desperate need of our prayers.

I have come away armed with a knowledge that a priest has a strength that no superpower of any cartoons has ever dreamed of.

They stand erect while attacked by all of hell, knowing that for each priest that falls, the whole parish falls with him. They stand erect while butchy women relentlessly attack them, demanding priests obey them. They stand erect while attacked by women who only want to have the forbidden, they stand as their own humanity rebels against them, they stand as countless demand of him all that God has to give.

What strength priests must have, what grace, what GRACE to withstand all at once, and remain erect!!!

….. and God showed me where satan had been ….. and that he got knocked down.

The lesson I learned is that grace alone sustains us against all of hell. I learned how to be the instrument to express His Love and the instrument to receive His Love and the instrument to voice to the world  the meaning of what it takes to be a priest, and that grace makes satan be knocked down. That grace alone empowers a mere man to be stronger than any power, here on earth or beyond.

My Lord and My God, how great thou art.


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